Keep a cool head this Summer by planning ahead

February 29, 2016

In recent years our summers have started earlier in the year and have remained long and dry far longer than we have been historically used to.

Great in some ways, but it can make the workplace a completely different environment to work in and the phrase “it won’t last long” doesn’t always cover it.

When temperatures go up many companies find that staff productivity goes down.  By planning ahead, you can ensure the maximum efficiency from your staff.

Traditionally, the main question most businesses want answered when considering a cooling system is which one provides the greatest efficiency with minimum cost.  More increasingly, many firms are also looking to achieve this with minimum ecological impact.  This is when an evaporative cooling solution comes in to play.

What is an Evaporative Cooling system?

An evaporative cooling system works by passing warm air from outside a building over filter pads that are kept saturated in water.  This then cools it before pumping it into the building.  Simultaneously, warm air is vented from the building, allowing the cooled, fresh air to circulate inside.  This makes it a much cheaper and more environmentally friendly way of cooling spaces in comparison to air conditioning.

How does this compare to traditional Air Conditioning?

Air conditioning on the other hand, takes a gas refrigerant, compresses it to a liquid and pumps this around the cooling system.  The heat from the air flowing over the pipes is absorbed into the liquid, which expands back to a gas so it has to be recompressed to start the cycle again.  It doesn’t take long to realise that this cycle of compression requires an eye-watering amount of energy.

Benefits of Evaporative Cooling in a nutshell

  • Uses up to 90% less electricity than conventional air conditioning
  • Environmental damage is significantly reduced as no refrigerants are used
  • Uses 100% fresh air, against the 80-85% of recycled air with air conditioning, making a more pleasant environment to work in
  • Has a far smaller CO2 footprint
  • The higher the temperature, the better it works, which is not true for air conditioning

Why do I need to think about this now?

Designing and installing an evaporative cooling system cannot be done overnight – nor in our experience do budgets get signed off that quickly.

If you want a productive team of employees this Summer then you need to be looking at an evaporative cooling solution now. Please call us to discuss on 0117 971 2163