Could Evaporative Cooling Keep your Office Cool this Summer?

July 19, 2018

Summer has started early this year and with the advent of higher temperatures, offices can get uncomfortably hot for employees.   But it’s not just about being uncomfortable – working in a hot office can increase absenteeism and decrease productivity. Many companies resist installing cooling as they are concerned about both upfront and ongoing costs- but what if there was a more cost effective option than traditional air conditioning, which also happened to be much better for the environment?

Evaporative Cooling Overview

Evaporative cooling is a solution to cooling large internal spaces. It works by cooling fresh air over cold water using the scientific principles of evaporation. This cooler, fresh air enters where you want it in your building whilst the hot, stale air is removed. It offers many benefits in comparison to air conditioning or not cooling at all

Benefits of using Evaporative Cooling in an office environment

Simple, safe and natural

Vent-Tech evaporative cooling involves cooling fresh air over water, with the warm air then being expelled from the room. This means the air your employees will be breathing is fresh rather than the recycled air produced by air conditioning.

Cost effective

The running costs for evaporative cooling are up to 90% lower than for air conditioning, while installation costs tend to be similar or lower.

Far more enviromentally friendly than air conditioning

Evaporative cooling requires much less electricity than air conditioning, meaning it has a much lower carbon footprint. It also uses no refridgerant gases, which can themselves be harmful to the environment.

Comfortable employees are productive employees

Sitting in a baking hot room can make us irritable and ineffective. Introducing air cooling from Vent-Tech in your offices means the office can be cooled to a comfortable temperature, resulting in happier, more productive staff.

A case study – Evaporative Cooling Systems for a Large Office in Scotland

These spacious modern council offices in Scotland were brand new, but despite this they were unbearably hot to work in during the summer months.

The offices were over 5 floors, and  the council wanted both a cost effective, but also environmentally friendly solution to cool them. Vent-Tech proposed installing 9 evaporative cooling units within the building in carefully planned strategic positions for maximum efficiency, and this proposal was accepted.

The cooling has now been installed and is operating well. We worked with the principal contractor on the project, and in their words:

‘We have been very impressed with the service from Vent-Tech. From start to finish, they have been informative on process, punctual and efficient.  Our client has been very happy with the new cooling systems; they not only keep the temperature in the office space controllable, but they have not impacted on the exterior design of the building. The installation process was quick and smooth, with the installation team working well with our own operatives through challenging work requirements. I would recommend Vent-Tech to anyone looking for a cooling system that is more eco-friendly and efficient than conventional air conditioning.’ Gavin Watt, Assistant Project Manager, GHI contracts

To read more about this project please click here

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